Workers’ Control & Revolution

Prior to the development of capitalism, the concept of ‘workers’ control of the production process’ could not have been a demand; it was a simple fact of life (within the limits allowed by nature).

Hence the apparent accessibility of workers’ control, which on principle reflects no more than the capacity of all humans to think as well as to do. In these terms, it shouldn’t be surprising that workers on occasion take over and run productive enterprises without necessarily having an explicit socialist consciousness or political strategy.

The faculties they draw upon for such initiatives are not so much new as they are long-suppressed-

for the majority of the population.

It is the overcoming of this suppression, as old as capitalism itself, that constitutes the explosive side of workers’ control. What workers’ control points to is more than just a new way of organizing production; 

it is also the release of human creative energy on a vast scale. 

As such it is inherently revolutionary.”

-Victor Wallis

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