After Texas Massacre, Drexel Prof. Asks: “What Makes White Men So Prone to This Kind of Behavior?”

But we’re talking about institutions, that also serve as breeding grounds for violent behavior. We’re talking about not only sexual assault in the military, but domestic abuse of those surrounding it and those outside of it. And we’re talking about other institutions, as well, that you could bring into the picture, institutions like policing, in which domestic violence is absolutely rife and in which it’s very difficult to keep weapons out of the hands of those domestic abusers.

And so, we need to think very deeply, I think, about the structural role of what’s going in the society. Trump is abroad selling weapons. And we’ve got someone who, in this case, apparently, was trained, you know, trained to engage in violence abroad. And yet we act surprised when these people have breaks, when they fall into some kind of crisis, when they find maybe feelings of entitlement frustrated, that they then resort to violence, when we’re talking about a structure and institutional apparatus that trains people in violence and that encourages them to feel as though they’re on the losing side of history. You know, Trump makes hay out of the fact that white men, in particular, feel as though they’re the victims of this society, despite being in absolute control of it. And this is something that is powerfully dangerous, and it’s why we’re not seeing only the rise in violent attacks, more generally, and the rise of far-right movements, but we’re certainly seeing, you know, clearly, sort of some very serious incidents of mass violence, as well.

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