What Chelsea Manning Revealed

A caveat: this article (which is included below) was written in 2013 and her name is now Chelsea Manning, not Bradley. 

Chelsea revealed that:

There is an official policy to ignore torture in Iraq.

Guantanamo prison has held mostly innocent people and low-level operatives.

-There is an official tally of civilian deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan.

U.S. Military officials withheld information about the indiscriminate killing of Reuters journalists and innocent Iraqi civilians.

The State Department backed corporate opposition to a Haitian minimum wage law.

The U.S. Government had long been faking its public support for Tunisian President Ben Ali.

Known Egyptian torturers received training from the FBI in Quantico, Virginia.

The State Department authorized the theft of the UN Secretary General’s DNA. Signed by Hillary Clinton.

The Japanese and U.S. Governments had been warned about the seismic threat at Fukushima.

The Obama Administration allowed Yemen’s President to cover up a secret U.S. drone bombing campaign.

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